About the Author    

Richard Earl Rice hails from Southern California. He received his BS and MS degrees in Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. In an exciting three-decade technical career, he was involved in NASA's NERVA Program (An experimental nuclear rocket), Skylab (America's first space station) and Viking (The first Mars lender) and the Space Shuttle. Additional research jobs were in nuclear energy and novel energy production concepts for the Energy Department. He traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Asia, presenting the results of his work and collaborating with other research institutions.

Richard began writing as a teenager, covering high school sports for the local newspaper. He continued writing throughout his technical career, producing a number of technical papers, articles and reports. He recently retired to begin writing fiction full time. He has since produced five novels and is at work on a sixth. He has also written a number of short stories. IDAHO Magazine recently published two of them, The Last Greenhead and Bird Politics. Two other short stories, The Seventh Dog, and Tender Mercies were selected as winners in the IDAHO Writer's Guild 2013 and 2015 fiction contests. 

Richard brings a unique blend of work experience and life interests to his writing career. Besides his technical background, he also holds a Commercial Pilot's license, operates his own aircraft, serves as Secretary/Treasurer and Director for an oil company Board of Directors, and manages a substantial portfolio of commercial and residential real estate. He was also a forest fire fighter in his college years.

Richard lives with his family on the Snake River in Southeastern Idaho near Yellowstone Park and Jackson Hole. His hobbies include fishinq, huntinq and qolf.